My Favorite Story is Ours.

September 27, 2012
By Griz1 BRONZE, Herington, Kansas
Griz1 BRONZE, Herington, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
Truth is everyone is going to hurt you, you just have to find the ones worth suffering for. ~Bob Marley

Our story starts with once upon a time
but it ends with the worst goodbye.
It still goes on to this day
because I love you all the way
to hell and back is how far I would go
to keep you here everyday.
As our story goes on we find things out
our true feelings for each other.
These things we never knew nothing about
like how much we hate each other
how much we love each other
and how much we just want to be together
and other days we don't.
What's stopping us some might ask.
I say you ask him that.
He's to into her still
but I understand she has his heart like he has mine
but does he truly understand every word he says to me
either makes me or breaks me.
Our story is great if you want to know.
I can put on a play to attempt show you the way we were
what we use to be.
It was so perfect to me.
Everything was great.
I have a question though is it her your in love with
or your ego?
Or maybe its just that I'm not a gorgeous her
that I'm not good enough for you.
Well boy tell me this why did you flirt hardcore because
as everybody knows drunk words and actions are sober thoughts and moves you want to make.
Our story is my favorite
from beginning to end even though at the end
of this crazy love story it wasn't a happy ending
because I didn't get my prince charming to stay.
No I didn't at the end he's just a friend barely even that.
In fact he is pretty much just someone that I use to know.

The author's comments:
I was in love with my best friend for 3 years while he was dating some other girl. I finally got a chance to date him and he asked me out so I said yes. He broke up with me and broke my heart. We are still best friends though we didn't let it ruin our friendship. Thank God!

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