After All

September 27, 2012
I can see the horizon
And the yellow sun beyond
I can see the rain
Though it falls too far away
I can see the happiness
As it lights up your face
I feel the eyes staring
When I runaway

The evil thoughts have been slain
There is no more pain
Your fingers wrap around mine
You pull me into the night
I walk until the path is done
And then continue down a new one
The soft music plays
I think I’ve found my way

I’m not numb anymore
I can feel the sting
It’s good to know
Emotions have a meaning

Who gets to say they’ve seen the light?
Who gets to say they’ve won the fight?
The finish line is years away
I have more than enough time to stay
I’ve seen the end
I took the fall
Now I know
This life is worth living
After all

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