I AM the wolf

September 27, 2012
The wolf is joined in a chorus of howls as he greets his longtime friend. The wolf hunts with the ones he loves, he protects them, he leads them. This wolf believed when he ran alone. He ran towards a new beginning when devastation was all around. He grew stronger as time went on, learning from life’s challenges. He ran hard to find a new home. The place where he would feel accepted. This wolf is no longer alone. This wolf is comforted by the pack. Once again he is strong, noble, and powerful. He is respected and honored by his peers. The pack is bonded together by ties of trust and safety. This wolf dreams of running in the skies. This wolf howls to the moon to remind himself that dreams really do come true.
I AM the wolf.

A wolf howls in the cold brisk wind. It calls to its only companion, the moon. This wolf was stranded left alone and forgotten. Left to die with no help. Once it was strong, noble, and powerful. Now it is merely a shadow of its former self. The ones it loved are now gone with no recollection of their former friend. The packs moved on and no one has stayed behind. The world has turned cold and the wolf seeks shelter someplace new. No one will accept him. This wolf once had dreams of running in the skies, now it runs for survival. Staying in one place would mean he would accept defeat. Now he just runs. He runs for something new. He runs for SOMEONE new.
I AM the wolf.

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