September 27, 2012
The light starts to fade behind the hills, as the sky turns to a light purple. A slight breeze and the soft touch of warmth seem to weave a dance through the air. The shadows cast by the trees make a shadow over the valley. The river seems to play as it wanders through the valley. The wolves seem to melt out of the trees as they glide playfully over the ground. An eagle sours above while watching the land below. A moose wades through the river as it calls to the sky. The birds chirp a playful response as they go from tree to tree. The remains of burn trees leave memories from the time of the first brothers. A lonely bison grazes on the hillside as darkness sets. A howl runs through the air. The bison starts to turn. It starts to head toward safety. A blanket of silence covers the land as the wolves start to give chase. The wolves know that he is easy prey. It is easy prey for a pack. It is always easy to pick the weak link. Now it's just a hopeless game...
Thick clouds fill the air and the rumbling of thunder calls from the distance. A cloud covers the gentle moon. And the satisfied wolves melt back into the shadows.

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