September 27, 2012
She asks me what I'm thinking.
I tell her that she doesn't want to know.
She tells me to tell her how I'm feeling.
Tells me to give it a go. And I say....

I'm thinking about her,
in a field full of grain,
Dancing in the golden sunlight,
It's making me insane.
I see her smiling,
With no fears of her own.
But I can't feel the same way.
Because rejections all I've known.
She stands there like a princess,
she's already conquered my heart.
But I don't know what she's feeling.
The silence is breaking my heart apart.
But every time I see that it's raining.
I think about her face,
The way that she gently smiles,
It makes my heart start to race.

I then stop my dreaming.
and in a voice sincere.
I ask her how to do it...
To conquer all my fears.

When things seem impossible, you must keep on dreaming.
For wishing is surely not enough.
And when you do what you know you can't.
You realize. To get courage, it isn't so tough.
Courage is a thing so strong,
A thing that's hard to learn.
It's not something that you find.
It's something you have to earn.
So go find her, and talk to her.
Find the courage to say.
How are you this fine beautiful morning?
Can I carry your books today???

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