Our Love Doth Reflect

September 30, 2012
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Halo Songs fill up the sky
With their starry melodies and intricate harmonies
Telling truth, speaking to souls

I'm so lost
In the joy of understanding
In the bliss of ignorance
As sweet euphonies
Lift me up from the ground

So here I am
And there you go
Gazing and staring
At the illuminating power of clarity

These teen years
How precious they are!
How muggy and uncertain they can be!
How elusive they were?

Full of musical discovery
Bored with median principles
Unnecessarily bellicose
Effortlessly arduous

But I survive
Barely able to stay floating
Your lovely soul
Delivers music to my jejune auditory sense

So on loving and love,
I know where those halo songs fall from
Where their inspirations lays its witty head
Why they always seem to soothe the perfect senses

When these halo songs do fall
On bromidic grounds
We can listen and identify
That their accord and concordance
Their melodies
Our love doth reflect

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