Why I Secretly Smile

September 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Scars and bruises
That lie on my skin
Show visibly in the daylight.
Memories and nightmares
Haunt my mind all hours of the night.

Those hands of a sinner
Crumble my bones and minor hope
They squeeze out tears and blood
When they’re secure around my throat

Valiant words that’s painful to hear
Empty threats of tortured death
I stay hushed and just agree.
Oh how I long to be forever free

My screams
My pleads
I’m evermore in prayer.
My angel never comes to my rescue
But their choir echoes through the empty air

The mirror is now a stranger
My story forgotten over time
Two hands raw from labor
With knees feeble from fear

Demons hold me down to earth
The brute whips my back gory
They weaken my remains
But a part of me they never touch

A smile
A light
Glows in my darkened heart
For awareness that my sprit will sail freely
When Satan claims his victims
Setting me and them eternally apart

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by a book that I haven't read in a long time but still affects me today.

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