You And Me

September 29, 2012
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Today’s a new day,

So I flip to a new page.

Mending my broken heart,

I start.

We were like neon colors,

Standing out among the others.

The envious glares,

Were met without care.

So bright, so alluring,

My hopeful heart started soaring.

You captured my interest,

Taking away all distress.

But then, things turned dark,

Deflating my heart.

The fireworks vanished,

Making me damaged.

You felt the effects too,

I watched you turn blue.

You sang your sad songs,

We knew it all along.

The end of us was near,

And there was so much to fear.

Being open-minded and free,

I close the chapter on you and me.

It isn’t easy

But it’s what has to be.

The end of you and me….

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