I am (sic)

September 29, 2012
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Illustrating the unknown as its clear
As I know what’s about to happen

Because I do

Filling this void
This empty sullen space

Of mad gab and talk of life
While webs of spiders

Spider webs
Crochet their way through my head
Of boring past

Difficult future

Beautiful forever
And it’s all in a book

These words of life, of death
Complete and true
Meaningless worldly chat
My heart, pit, pat at what’s real
And tortured by my dear friend

How good she must feel when I have no evidence

Shredded stature

Crumbled to the floor
But the wind blows, as the trees stretch out and pick me up
Its three branches

One body

Complete me
And my goals are clear
I’m living to glorify not because I see
But because I believe

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