Sometimes- But not all times.

September 29, 2012
By Anonymous

I cry.
I bleed.
But, most times,
I just fade away.

I hate the world.
I hate how it laughs
At my struggles.
I hate the kids at school.
They laugh when I do something wrong.

It brings me pain.
Pain that lives in my body.
It refuses to let me go.
Eating out my insides,
Slowly, painfully.

Why am I treated this way?
What have I done?
What will it take,
For this-
This torture!
To stop?

Even if I bleed to death,
They won’t be happy.
They want more.
They want me to feel the pain.

They want me to die slowly.
They want to savor it,
Savor my pain.

They laugh like it’s funny!
What monsters!

Why can’t I just die now?
I want it to end.
Please- I’m begging.

Just let me die.

And when I do,
Don’t save my life….

The author's comments:
My poetry is only a window into my heart. I do not lie in my poems. I just tell how I really feel.

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