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September 18, 2012
By IceQueen77 BRONZE, Point Pleasant, West Virginia
IceQueen77 BRONZE, Point Pleasant, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
You cannot finish the Book of Life without closing it's chapters. If you go on, you must leave the past as you turn the pages.

You think you’re cool, flying high in the sky?
Your parents let you smoke because it’s too hard to try
Your sister cries over your harsh words and blows
And you always wake up in yesterday’s clothes

You think it’s fine to get stoned every day?
Your friends just like you because they don’t have to pay
Your peers think you’re trash, the dirt beneath their feet
And you actually disgust the people you meet

You think it’s okay to do every sl*t you see?
Your lay of the night just hopes you have more weed
Your ex-girlfriend is glad she got away before you drug her in
And maybe she even knows some actual real men

You think it’s fun to get drunk every night?
Your head always hurts to see the morning light
Your kidneys will fail before the time you’re twenty
And then I guess you’ll finally know when you’ve had plenty

You think school is too much to bother with?
Your future children will starve, so you can keep hitting it
Your jobs will be few and far between
And that’s less money for food and your needs

You think everything is fine as it is?
Your dad begs to differ, that money is his
Your school calls home to see where you are
And where are you? In the back of some car

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