Don't Dwell in the Dark

September 17, 2012
Let go darling, the morning will come,
It's time baby, there's no need to run.
Take a breath and let the waves roll in,
Brace yourself, you're gonna pay for your sin.

It's like a child afraid of the dark,
The wound will heal but it'll leave a reminding mark.
Can't you hear me? I'm screaming inside,
It always finds me, I have no where to hide.

Ring the war bells, and say your last prayer,
Don't bother looking, no one's ever there.
Knock on the door, death is always home,
It always seems to find you when you are alone.

The dawn is breaking, nope it's the devil waking.
The light is angry and the sky is red,
Don't watch the ending, everyones dead.

Don't drink the potion, it'll cloud your mind,
The mind will be dying but the body is fine.
Just never, dwell in the dark.

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