September 27, 2012
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Sitting here in the dark
‘is anybody there” I would mutter.
Chills run up and down my back.
Cold winds breezing through me
like a tornado in the forest. My heart,
it stops every ten seconds, hoping
it never catches me.
It follows me
but where.
Where is it.
A shadow coming closer
And closer.
My heart slowing down to every inch.
I hear it next to me
but the silence is daunting.
Taunting me.
Haunting me.
All of a sudden,
like a rain drop out of the sky
voices shatter through the unforgiven halls.
I Seeeeee Youuuuu .
Each time like a crescendo
in a mens chorus.
two steps forward.
My heart delayed,
decelerating as the room fills with silence
I start to rise
I see a little boy,
paralyzed, frozen,
terrorized in terror.
He lies there unmovable.
Why doesn’t he move?
I would whisper.
Under no control of my body,
I would motion towards him,
deliberately gazing at him.
I’m out of breath
Higher and Higher until…
I’m gone.
I realized, that
That little boy was once me
Why couldn’t anyone save me

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