Fly Away

September 27, 2012
By Anonymous

Don’t your wings get heavy?
Doesn’t your heart get sore?
You swear you’ll fly away
Far away from here
Can you fly with that weight,
The weight of all you know,
On your shoulders?

Don’t those tears
Dampen your feathers?
How can you fly away
After all the pain it took to get here?
Can’t you remember?

You swear you’ll fly away
But how much better will it be there?
Will it make you forget
All you’ve seen?
Will it make you forget
All those screams?

But you swear you’ll fly away
Be gone one day
Pretend all these memories
Where just bad dreams
The worst sort of nightmare

A bird is never happy caged
It longs to fly away
But they’ve broken my wings

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