As darkness falls

September 23, 2012
By Anonymous

As darkness falls
hearts brake
lungs collapse
bridges burn
anger rages
as darkness falls
i hide deep within myself
i feel nothing but pain
i scream inside my head
but no one hears me
i am a ghost
so invisible
that no one can see me
i blend in with the darkness
hiding just to try to feel safe

as darkness falls
tears fall like rain
pain slashes my heart
everyday feels the same
wishing upon a star
dropping pennies in a well
faking a smile
just so people think I'm okay
i hate this darkness that covers me
feeling this way is killing me
hiding and crying and fighting
just to feel alive
some days just wishing i could die
to just lie down and never get back up
this darkness has filled me so much
i fear i am stuck.

as darkness falls
i slowly drift off to sleep
as darkness falls
the nightmares spread terror through me
as darkness falls
realization sinks in
that here, alone in this darkness
is where i will always be
someone please save me!
as darkness falls.

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