September 27, 2012
By Anonymous

He has always talked so negatively
About my way of life
But he never understood that
I don’t choose this,
I was born this way.
I never knew
Why he felt this way
But his feelings won’t change
Bitter, angry, sad
Is how he makes me feel.
He thinks his words don’t hurt
But they do, they really do.
He even called me a girl,
Straight to my face.
He told me to act like a boy
And stop being so damn feminine.
I ran off feeling so many emotions.
Anger, hate, resentment, misery
I couldn’t believe it.
I couldn’t believe that
He actually said that to me.
I was in disbelief.
He asked what was wrong
I didn’t respond
I cried.
I just cried and cried and cried.
He tried to calm me down but it didn’t work.
He apologized while I was in tears.
He promised not to do it again
But I knew that was a promise that he would not and could not keep.
I eventually forgave him,
But I will always be heartbroken by this event.
This person who I speak of,
This terrible person
Is supposed to be my caregiver
Someone who loves me no matter what
But he did the exact opposite.
This terrible person,
Is my father.

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