Shadow Man

September 26, 2012
Contour lines outlines you as the sun hits the horizon blue and you fade away
Night sweats and terror filled dreams bring you and I closer together as the dawn comes
The Lord’s smiles graces my face and you are gone
Darkness welcomes my countenance and the streaks of lines appear afresh you are here
Canticles of soul fill the room with an eerie truth about what you are
Expressive eyes gaze at your surroundings with puzzlement and an innuendo of anguish
Love rushes forth to the man that I have known only in the shadows of my dreams
Orchestration of tenderness for you; you will always live in my reverie
Clouds of grayish and bluish tint appear overhead with a streak of God’s smile
In God’s smile you are out of the shadows of my dreams and into His grace
Beguiling senses encapsulate the dreams that I have had with my shadow man
With a tender kiss on my forehead and a stroke of my hair and a smile
My shadow man is gone

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