September 26, 2012
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The tides of change have crashed upon the shore,
The troubles of the past are no more.
Though, the echoes still chime of trouble in my ear,
The reason for my trouble remains unclear,
But I will make it through the years.

Although troubles may still appear,
I will not show fear,
I will face them head on,
Through dark nights, there will be a new dawn.

I am turning a new leaf,
As I move on from grief,
And I can say honestly, it is a relief.

Moving forward through the day,
I may say that these troubles won’t go away,
But I will do my best to not go astray,
From this path that I try to follow today.

The troubles were gone,
As I pushed on,
But soon, the troubles returned for me to dwell upon.

The troubles are back,
As they stemmed from a heart attack.
They are monsters in my head,
As they creep from under my bed.

And though the troubles remain,
I will no longer fear being under attack.
I will fight back,
I will move on,
Even if they are never truly gone.
I will make it through the years.

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