September 26, 2012
By Anonymous

The same decision spirals through my mind, the same thought repeats over, and over.
I wish not to remember what I said, yet time and time again a soft whisper stays in the background, constantly feeding a deeper regret.

It's the fact that I've lied. Broken the pure trust. Told a secret that wasn't mine to tell. Forged the thoughts of mine with another person's, only to cover my careless tracks.

I regret that in hurting others all I gave was an empty apology. A fake smile. And the same line I've said to each victim. The same line rehearsed with practiced expressions, and mirror.

The face that stares back knows the truth, yet they look past what they see, and believe what is simplest. Instead of lashing out, crying, yelling or saying what is deserved, they nod, only fueling the fire.
Each time, I hope that one of them say what they really think. Not do what is expected.

The author's comments:
This was inspired of a realization I came to about myself.

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