Just Because

September 26, 2012
By Karaaa BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Karaaa BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Better Late Than Never, But never Late Is Better ( :

Just because I’m confident
Doesn’t mean I’m conceited
It doesn’t mean I’m arrogant
Or full of myself.
Just because I’m beautiful
Doesn’t mean I have a big-head,
It doesn’t mean I’m full of myself.
It doesn’t mean I’m dingy,
It doesn’t mean I’m unintelligent,
And it definitely doesn’t mean I’m
relevant. It doesn’t mean I’m
important, or that I’m well respected.
It doesn’t mean I’m happy,
Or have ample friends,
And it doesn’t mean that I’m

So why am I judged?
Why am I stereotyped?
A Simple answer is jealousy.

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