A winter's Lesson

September 26, 2012
By Imanii BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Imanii BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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One day, I was outside my house.
Nose dripping, cold air nipping, and the shimmering snow flickering,
Under the unseen sun.
The ground was covered with what seemed like…..
What seemed like,
Marshmallow fluff!
It was absolutely cold,
My naked hands
Were turning and ice-cold blue.
So I went back inside my house and snagged a pair of furry mink and pink gloves out of a sacred winter’s coat, hanging in the closet.
I left out the house again and started towards my destination
Leaving my traces in the knee-deep snow
In which I followed back
To get back
To my home.
I get there, and the owner of that sacred winter’s coat has a
Worried look on her face.
But was she worried about me?
Was she worried about the fact that
My nose was a cherry red?
Or the fact that
I was a walking popsicle?
She then snatches the mink and pink gloves from within my grasp, and looks at me as if those gloves were her prize possession,
And then looks back at the gloves in a way that was saying
“I’m glad that your home safely.”

The author's comments:
This poem tells about a time that I took something that wasn't mine.

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