A girl... By Victoria Payne

September 26, 2012
By Anonymous

Her boyfriend truly loves her for her. This boy would do anything for that girl.

A girl, sweet, loving, caring, helpful! Sweet hearted, would help anyone that’s in need.

A girl that’s crazy. Misses her friends back in West V. Wants to stay in Detroit and meet new people.

A girl, maybe she’s sad while writing. Maybe it’s a lot on her mind but does not know how to… EXPLAIN IT!

A girl loves writing and getting her thoughts out on paper to feel a little better. But don’t get confused, this girl is wise at this time.

A girl, becoming a young lady. Growing into a woman.

A girl that heart hurts but no one can tell she’s hurting. A girl that wants her relationship to go back to normal.

A girl that hurt but also know how to keep a smile. This girl never gets to hurt in a relationship.

A girl that is going to be ok, because …
Life goes on !

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