Broken Wings

September 26, 2012
I once spread my wings happily,
Till the day I met you,
My wings got clip so I can be with you,
You made me the happiest girl alive,
You seem like a dream come true,
My broken wings may be broken yet you fixed me so I can fly happily,
With you by my side we can be free,
With you in my arms makes me want to smile and make me feel all warm inside,
We had our differences but we still made it through all those arguments,
We said we are good for each other,
With you I am more alive then dead inside,
With these broken wings I can be your everything,
You can see that I am more happy when I am with you,
Without you here by my side I am lost,
In dreams we are together flying happily,
With every wish we make,
With every heartbeat I make,
I am happy that I met you,
You made me see the colors beyond the black and white,
Now that my wings are back I am happily give your wings so we can fly away together.

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ripgarygoff said...
Jun. 17, 2014 at 3:04 pm
hey its renee i really miss you i still have that picture of you and i cried a few times now i really miss oh im sixteen now
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