September 26, 2012
By julypainter SILVER, Billings, Montana
julypainter SILVER, Billings, Montana
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There is a moment about everyday
When happiness takes over
A brief few seconds where time slows down
Where a taste of freedom flavors the sky

Craziness exists in every place
But one must not forget
There are those of us that live with more
Than others would ever bet

There’s a place in every heart
A spot in every soul, corner in every mind
There’s a part in every day
Where a brief glimmer of happiness

It leaks through the veil of darkness
Seeps from every pore a beacon of hope
From the dimmest light
From even the smallest heart

There is a moment in every day
Where the day is often brightened
From the darkest pit the blackest night
The next day arises

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