God's Babies

September 26, 2012
By , Fort Yates , ND
Which day is bright and perfect?
Which home is fruitful and warm?
Pay attention young one
A branch for each one
But which tree will God decide
be blessed with thy tender heart?
If Conceived in
Pride, or
That is not thy concern
Thy soul is blessed and pure
Be the love in the hearts
of those burdened with troubles
Of thy blessed birth;
Love them with all thy heart
Because in this modern world
Controversy still proceeds
In deciding the moment
that life begins
And the questions still circle
Is it When thy heart beats?
Or when thy body is brought forth in birth?
The real question is
why do we need to know?
In truth, thy soul is living
From the moment of conception
But, the knowledge is for the sole purpose
Of terminating thy growth
And casting thy soul away
But, God knows thy birth has purpose
And God needs thou to walk among his people
To spread his word among his children
But his children are blinded
And the ones with weak hearts
Decide to end a life before it is born
And we will never know thy greatness
For thou could have saved us all

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