September 26, 2012
By CatCam GOLD, San Diego, California
CatCam GOLD, San Diego, California
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Favorite Quote:
“Writers aren't exactly people, they're a whole lot of people trying to be one person" F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Standing still in the throng of swimming faces
I find myself alone
And blank

My Gift my Curse flooding through my very Being
My Soul
Until I am everything yet nothing at once

I see faces twisted in anguish with salty sea tears cascading down pale dunes
I hear cries of pain under the crashing of waves of the higher ups
I feel the bitter stab wound plunging into humanities being causing misery in spades
I taste the tang of red copper in my mouth in gallows
I smell the approaching darkness for all

I blink
Not sure what has transpired in that second
Smiles replaced anguished faces yet I see it is forced
Laughs in place of cries yet I detect all is fake
Pink flesh with no wound yet I feel tender flesh with pain underneath
Mint with no copper cloud my breath yet I lift my finger to my mouth and see blood
Light is all around yet the sky flashes to black again and again

I wait a second then two
Then I do the unexpected
I clutch my head bunching my raven hair and scream for all I’m worth
I scream for those who have been silenced but never fully
I scream towards the heavens and hells
I still scream and kick when men in white come and force me behind closed white walls
I scream and fight forever more

Silence follows my departure
For one minute then two
The faces of the average and not so average exchange glances
All is conveyed
Then the Screams start
Never silenced again
Fore it has begun…

The author's comments:
As i said a gift and a curse is what everyone who has a voice with a pen has. I just put it in a form.

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