The Lies

September 26, 2012
By _MistaknBeauty SILVER, Goosecreek, South Carolina
_MistaknBeauty SILVER, Goosecreek, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

“You brighten up my world yo”
Listen to the lies you’ve told
They’ve had so much effect on me … and you wouldn’t even know
“I love you with all my heart”
What you said the day before you left
If you could lie this easily?
And have me believe it?
It makes me wonder what’s next
“You’re my best friend”
These words meant so much to me;
They brought happiness to my heart
And you had to go and make it end
I wish I could rewind everything, and just go back to the start
“I’ll never hurt you”
The biggest lie of them all
Four simple little words
That seem so small …
They hurt the most, but you’ll never know
You left without a word, no looking back
No emotions shown
“Don’t ever tell me I don’t care about your feelings”
It turns out? I didn’t have to,
Because you already knew
You already made the choice of what you were going to do
“You mean the world to me”
I meant nothing to you
I was worthless, you told this lie?
& I just have to ask myself why
“You make me so happy without you even knowing it”
I can’t believe I stayed for so long, I held on
To you, to your lies, to all your bulls***
I can see the lies
That you poured down my throat
You left me, walked away... When I needed you most
I was there when you needed help to get through.
Through the good times and through the bad I was ALWAYS there to help you
You were trying to lie to me and everyone else
But all along you were only lying to yourself,
I've watched you sink farther from your heart
And all of this just tears me apart
But it’s time to give up, and let you go
You’ll never see this, but I thought you should know
That I love you
You changed my life
And you’ve helped me grow

The author's comments:
to my first and last love? , i hate you .

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