What Is Love?

September 25, 2012
By AliKay2016 BRONZE, Youngstown, Ohio
AliKay2016 BRONZE, Youngstown, Ohio
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It's an age old question
but it will never be answered
because love changes with every age;

At the age of three, love is what you feel for your mother and your father
The girl in front of you is still 'icky'
and the boy on the playground still has 'cooties'

When you hit thirteen,
love is something you long to feel and dream of every night
You lay awake at night planning your wedding with that one special person.

But when you finally fall in love,
and I mean really fall,
it's not at all what you expected.
It feels amazing yet it hurts so much.
It's a feeling you never want to loose yet wish you could brush off the pain.
It's the kind of hurt that only that person can bring.

When you're with them,
It's that amazing feeling.
The butterflies and smiles.

But when you're apart?
When you're apart the pain is almost too much to bare.

All you have to look forward to is that one class you share.
Or that brief second in between classes.
Where, in that moment, it's just you and him or you and her.
And that moment, that one little moment, is the best moment of the day.

So what is love?
You decide.

The author's comments:
My art teacher told us to draw a picture of "Love". It was amazing to see all the different pictures and photographs. I also like to write my art topics.

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