Murders of Crows

September 25, 2012
By LittleMissOnceWas BRONZE, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
LittleMissOnceWas BRONZE, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
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Murders of crows
Go and pick her apart
Then stitch her together
And showcase their art

They squawk and they howl
They chatter and grin
What a sweet little child
They've turned into sin

Oh darling, dear darling
Don't weep for your soul
Just suffer your sorrow
And reap what they stole

Oh darling, dear darling
Sweet innocent child
Lets go dancing in darkness
Untested, untrialed

Let murders of crows
Come and pick you apart
They'll stitch you together
Then cut our your heart

The author's comments:
Ok, so the inspiration for this came from when I was sitting in the car and we passed a crow eating some sort of dead animal on the side of the road and my mother being the science geek she is had to quiz me on what a group of crows is called. So for anyone who didn't know... a group of crows is called a murder... a gaggle of geese, a herd of dear, a murder of crows. interesting.

and also just to throw it out there, I showed this to a friend and they didn't get the line "Suffer your sadness" suffer is a synonymy for allow. Allow your sadness.

Thank you for reading! It's more appreciated then you know Please comment! (like..really..please comment...please)

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