time and place

September 25, 2012
If theres a time and a place i must say this is it for us. You do not see what i have given and taken the rough days are like acid yet your my shield that protects me from the pain. You see the wall that surround me and yet you climd the wall to see me. for while i was lost in a echo that no longer there. My castle was filled with nothing but pain now it full of sunshine and smiles. The clouds run away when it sees you and no longer entraps me in vine of ivey that kept me still. I have played with firer and played a dangerous game and yet you have too we both been burnt on the way yet have started heal in the proccess of forgiveing. Love can be sweet or bitter i have had bitter yet it nothing but sweet daisey feild with nothing but sunshine and flowers. I am sorry it has tooken this long to meet but we finnaly have met and this love is a flower that i don't plann on letting go of

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