Lost in the Shadows

September 25, 2012
By BrizaJo BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
BrizaJo BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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"If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it then how bad of a decision can it really be" -tumblr user mikewaters

I may be faceless, and tall, and dark, but why do people fear me? I’m the mark of a mortal, and proof of purity! Why am I hated? Why do people think I’m only a tear of darkness?

I stalk people, but that’s my job! I follow you and everyone you know, unless you associate yourself with a demon.

Why do people think of me as a flaw, or something evil? I’ve never done anything! I’m not evil! Why am I mistaken as something that creeps along a haunted wall?

Those are demons and fears who masquerade as me! I only appear when there is light. Light means hope, and pride, and joy! Light is not despair, or evil, or death.

I am only misunderstood. People taunt me with flashlights and candles. The ancient people used me to tell stories to children. I would make them laugh, and cheer, not cry!

Even before that I helped people hunt and protect their homes. I warned them of beasts and prey nearby. I’ve flickered through every place the sun or a person has dared to go.

I’m good, and gracious, and I’ve never sought to hurt anybody! Why do you expect me to catch you and strangle you with smoke? Do you think me to torture or kill?

I’ve been here since before the world, only after darkness. Never have I killed a man or tortured him. The worst I’ve done is to psychologically scar a few children! I promise that those times were accidents.

I give warning and cheer. I’m always on your tail, loyally following you. I survive with light, and you can kill me with dark.

I’m invisible with night vision and thermal cameras. I have no soul or face, but you can never get rid of me. Would you recognize me if I never told you who I was?

You can only separate from me in sunlight by jumping, and that is only temporary. I’ll never leave; I’ll always be there if there is as little as a thread of light. I love puppets. Can you guess who I am?

The author's comments:
I just think people under appreciate shadows.

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