My Bestfriend & I

September 24, 2012
By DayDreamer411 BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
DayDreamer411 BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Your so disrespectful and disregarding of my feelings

I have this best friend
She’s awesome & sweet
She gets on my nerves
But she the coolest person to meet
Were as thick as thieves
Her & I
When we start talking
I swear time flies by
She likes the color red
But I like the color blue
We both like purple
So I guess that’s awesome to
She’s very sarcastic
Witty & smart
I swear she’s a work of art
She tells me I’m annoying
I call her a twit
This last for about an hour
But then it’s over pretty quick
We argue all the time
But by the next day
It’s like we never got into a fight
She’s manipulative, devious
Petty & kind of mean
But were so much alike
I guess you can say the same for me

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