Heart Of Silicon

September 24, 2012
By UKCZofficial BRONZE, London, Other
UKCZofficial BRONZE, London, Other
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Heart of silicon
They think me dead, they think me cold,
New in software, wires for a soul,
But when you use me, work feels like living,
And I like people to play on me, especially children,
But I can burn the fools,
Who use me for too long, heating up my silicon,
And they take a long time realising,
As I burn out and slowly slow to nothing,
Clink, clunk, whirr, I slowly burn,
Oh I may be a new silicon being, but I quickly grow old.
My owner is a child, who does not hold back,
He uses me constantly for gaming, writing and that,
So I slowly died
To become a hunk of wire and metal,
Oh how will he fix me?
Shall he leave me to die?
The times we had shared, young child and I,
We made sweet discoveries,
And wrote wonderful novels,
Oh will he replace me and neglect my troubles?
He looks at me, with a down turned frown,
Go, when you have one new I shall be forgotten,
But I did not know of child’s infinite care,
Because as I fade, I awake with a flare,
For he had fixed me, and I begin once more,
I shall always forgive him

The author's comments:
this piece is actually a rewrite in modern terms of a poem i read in class called 'The River God'.I really enjoyed writing this piece and i hope people enjoy reading it :)

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