How to Raise Your Daughter

September 23, 2012
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How to Raise Your Daughter

Step 1:
Raise her in your high heeled shoes,
Teach her that she can never fill them.

Step 2:
Make sure she knows she is nothing.
Show her pictures of girls prettier than she’ll ever be
To remind her that hope is of no value.
Raise her to believe she is a lady of no power,
Raise her to believe no woman is, without a man.

Step 3:
There are two things you must never let her feel,
Independent or beautiful.
These will only lead to confidence and self-worth,
Gifts your daughter is not worth receiving.
Show her that mirrors hate her.
Teach her to trust in what they tell her must be true.

Step 4:
When she asks you if she can love, laugh.
Tell her that love is over-rated,
That hate is under appreciated.
Tell her love got you with her scum bag dad,
That you don’t need love to get that ring on your finger.
Make her believe it is her duty to appreciate hatred,
Because love only gets you a daughter.

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