September 23, 2012
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I want to feel wanted I want to feel like i am not just a waste I want to feel like my life here is meaning full But every way I turn I know this... I am not wanted. You say you understand You say you will do anything to help But in the hardest moment you don't want me. I am not wanted.

You think you care until it gets hard. You think you can make me feel wanted until I snap If I am useless if I am not wanted then let it be. Let it be that even when I am shattering Let it be that even when you say I can shatter Let it be that when I do Let it be that there is no wanting me.

You don't understand You think all is good You think I am wanted enough to keep a smile But not true. I am barley wanted enough to sit up But we all want to be wanted My one goal in life if I had to chose Would be to die knowing that in my life I was wanted... I just can't say that yet.

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