September 23, 2012
By emilyjoy65 SILVER, Canton, Ohio
emilyjoy65 SILVER, Canton, Ohio
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Pretend like you never have to get old
Like you’ll forever have one front tooth and a cavity you’re proud to show the other kids
Pretend like you are the glittering mermaid in your bathtub
Like you are one of Peter Pan’s lost boys and you raided that ark with Indiana Jones
Like a hill of bark mulch is your Mount Everest
Like it doesn’t matter that everyone is bigger than you or that you’re not quite fast enough in gym class
Pretend like if you tie that towel around your shoulders, and you jump from the top bunk, you will fly

Pretend like Play Doh makes you a chef
Like dancing on Dad’s feet makes you Ginger Rogers and him Fred Astaire
Like your big sister is the mom and the next door neighbor is the wicked step-brother
Pretend like the box at Christmas that held your mom’s big gift is where a bear resides
Like you are an animal in the droves of the forest, scourging for food because the Discovery Channel says you can

Pretend like your can look past that evil in people and replace it with golden good
Like a lie can be weeded out and fixed with a sunflower seed
Like a fight is just a loud way to say you love someone
Like a slap is nothing more than the brush of a hand in the wrong place on its journey to embracement
Like a hit is nothing more than sunburn

Pretend he’ll be okay when he tells you they make fun of him
Pretend you’ll be okay when he tells you they make fun of him
Like he’ll outgrow it and forget it
Pretend you can protect the little ones that can’t protect themselves
Like you’re never too old to believe in the power of a dream, the power of love, or the power of the Power Puff girls

Pretend like you are queen of England, and when you are, use your deeds to save
Like every baby whose parents shook it and every nine year old who is too much smaller than the other kids to play doesn’t cry every night, because Queenie, you saved him
Like a wisp of hope can be a statue of life and truth
Like a simple waft of love is a tsunami of One Day You’ll Have It All

Pretend like you can do it all
And when you’re tired of pretending, reach out your capable arms and make those dreams of yours tangible
Reach out save the ones that might need it, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your childhood. Ever.
Pretend like you won’t forget these words as you look in the mirror and fix your hair
Like you won’t brush them off so you don’t have to go out of your way for anyone

Pretend like you’ll take these words and wrap them around your heart in a way that pumps into your veins with every step you take
Pretend like you will always have your childhood innocence
And Pretend like no one can take that from you

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