"Peasant to a Queen"

September 23, 2012
my happiness is limited
my greed is abundant
my deeds are rare
my answers are fraud
my flaws are eternal
my direction is artificial
my faith is humorous
my way is selfish
your way is all I want
your attention is craved but undeserved
your help is needed
your love is worth an applause, more like a standing ovation
your vision exceeds my capability
your smile outshines the sun
your embrace relieves the pain
your kiss fills my soul with a sudden spark
your knowledge overcomes the greatest of obstacles
your strength to push on inspires me
your hope creates a spirit in me... that just can't be replaced
your heart is my life's purpose
you as an individual, is the world to this peasant
so Queen, Princess, Beauty.. whatever you want to call her... I know her as Brittany...

-inspired by Brittany Victoria Springs

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