Broken World

September 23, 2012
By Behind_Blue_Eyes SILVER, Carrollton, Texas
Behind_Blue_Eyes SILVER, Carrollton, Texas
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"Darkness can not drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate. Only love can do that."

Living in a world so broken and bruised
Everything you do and say ends up on the news
Never thought I'd let it get this far with all these opened up scars
I feel so numb
Like I can't come to life
Society says be this
So I definitely can't be me
Sorry I'm not the 90 pounds of perfect
But I'm as perfect as I'll ever be
You say you don't judge
But then you turn your back and run
Sorry son but it seems like your the one pointing the gun
You can't seem to see
That your words hurt us so easily
You fling them back and forth like a swing
Yet you don't see there like a steel mace to my face, my heart, and my dreams
You said the sky's the limit
Yet your bringing me down
And you always ask why i frown
Don't Play stupid
You know the rules
Stay up on top so no one can crush you
I can't be the only one seeing this
I mean come on its not politics
We don't have parties that separate us like that
Instead its our beauty or money
Can't fake that one honey
Stop playing around and get real
This world has an iron fist
And it will punch you in the chest
Don't act a fool
We still gotta go to school
Or as the government sees us
As little bratty kids until we can vote our self's and be independent
Sorry to throw this all at ya
But the truth stings like a slap to the face
Or just like this broken and bruised world that's going to waste in this not so pretty place

The author's comments:
Just thoughts that I had

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