Te Prometiste

September 23, 2012

It was Tuesday.
The sun was slipping down the side of the Earth.
The familiar sensation of a stout pill bottle pressed against the inside of my hand.
I couldn't see it through my tears.
I was slumped over on my bed.
One hand holding up my head
Keeping my chin parallel to the floor.
I was starving.
But I would not eat
I hate myself when I eat
Well actually I guess I just hate myself
Weakly I let my hands slip
My palms engulfed my kneecaps
I squeezed feeling every bone, every muscle.
That's when I found the message
Now streaking across the back of my hand.
Te Prometiste.
You promised yourself.

I had opened myself up
Cut down to the bone
And etched his initials into the side
What happened to love is stupid
What happened to never ever let yourself fall
People like me don't fall in love with people
Not people, but dreams
Dreams don't move away
Unless of course you ask them to
Now I was alone in world of mirrors
Left with me and my enemy
And there was nobody to blame but the one staring back at me saying.
You promised yourself.
You promised yourself.

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