Day #1 in the Mental Hospital

September 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Self-inflicted battle in my head
Chains keep me tied down to this bed
Pull the sheets to drown the noise
Much too old for these toys
Falling short and standing still
Never calm, always chilled
Cold to the touch, losing hope
Holding tight to a broken rope
All the thoughts that brought me here
Behind a wheel I couldn't steer
Pushing a pedal I couldn't reach
Learning a lesson I was trying to teach
Look at what a daughter did to her song
When the weight of the world's gone wrong
Shuffling my feet from day to night
Losing a battle I've been trying to fight
Loving the ones who drag me down
And left disappointed with what I've found
Tomorrow is never a sure plan
Can't run away if you can hardly stand.
Realizing just what brought me here
A reassuring feeling turned to fear
Sitting and pondering the reasons why
Giving myself every reason just to cry
Knowing there'es no one else to blame
When every person screams my name

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