Our Past Is Our Future

September 25, 2012
History is repeating over and over again,
History is repeating over and over again,
History is repeating,
History is repeating,
History is repeating,
I want to press fast forward,
I want to skip to a tomorrow
Where I am not afraid to love someone,
Where I can walk down the street holding hands
With a girl, with a boy, with someone in between,
I want to make sure they didn’t lie to me
When they told me it would get better,
But life doesn’t work like that,
History is repeating,
Can’t you see it?
We are in the middle of another revolution,
We have singled out another group of people
And decided that they are not human enough
To have their rights,
We have taken them away
Like the spoiled first grader when the teacher turns around,
Not yours,
You are not worthy enough to touch them,
You can not touch them,
History is repeating,
If you want to know where we’re going
Just look at where we came from,
Our past is our future,
History is repeating,
Why doesn’t anyone see it?
Why don’t people realize they are backing the wrong side
For the millionth time?
History is repeating,
What will it take to make people see?
Will it take gay people losing the right to vote?
Will it take city bus seats divided up by sexuality?
Will it take straight only bathrooms?
Will it take gay concentration camps and gas chambers?
Will it take homosexuals not being able to have political power?
Will it take two children dying in a LGBTQ church bombing?
Will it take mass quarantines and deportations?
Will it take gay people being classified as three fifths human?
Will it take two planes flown into the LGBTQ center in New York?
Will it take gay people being lynched and burned alive?
Thats already happened,
Welcome to America,
Where you can feel the bible belt beating against your spine
Until you can no longer stand,
Welcome to America,
Welcome to humanity,
What is humanity?
I don’t think we know anymore,
History is repeating,
History is repeating,

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