September 25, 2012
The daisies are gone,
Just like you and me,
Never to return,
Not to flourish in the spring,
They shall not see the dawn,
Nor the white of the snow,
We killed them,
One by one,
Sad but true I know,
Without hope they could not live,
And the love they needed most,
Flew far beyond and out of reach,
Perishing below.

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AzureBlue said...
Oct. 30, 2014 at 1:51 am
Beautiful! I don't get why no one commented. O_O It's sad... but know that I like sad poems, it means you know how to show emotion. :) Greatly penned, I like how you use your words. And I have to thank you for all those wonderful comments you left me over the years, Thank you! :)
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