We feels like crap

September 22, 2012
By RemyMarin BRONZE, Mansfield, Connecticut
RemyMarin BRONZE, Mansfield, Connecticut
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We feels like crap, we does.
Don’t sit there sit here its warmer in the flames and fire You sez.
We feels dizzy, we does.
Continually dizzy you look but you are spinning so you cannot see.
We feels sick, we does.
Cold cold pull up your hood where did the flames the fire go?
We hurts, we does.
Why the sparks why the ashes do something You sez.
Why the noise we wailz?
pulsing and glowing and moving it does, changing in front of you.
Stop the pounding we beggz
Human company doesn’t help you see stop the cold Please
save me

The author's comments:
I wrote this in October last year...I think I was inspired to write it by Gollum... :D

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