Why is it you?

September 22, 2012
By chewy76819 BRONZE, Stockport, Other
chewy76819 BRONZE, Stockport, Other
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Why is you who come to disrupt my heart?
Why is you who come to disrupt my life?
As time moves on,I get used to you being there in my life but without you my heart feels empty.
All the time we have been through and you finally come to reach me.
But time moves on, time hates love and wants love poor. you have stolen my heart away, and you be foolish with my heart.
So, why is it you who comes to disrupt my heart if you are not the one for me? and why choose your spot and blast me through the heart?
It is like a blister in my heart. A marks that can not be fits. if I can choose, I will choose that I have never met you...

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