Light Dancer

September 21, 2012
I spin. I twirl and laugh.
Until I am dizzy.
My dress flows around me.
I go in every direction,
a flurry of motion,
I stomp my feet and,
wave my hands.
I dance until the ground beneath me,
rumbles and moves with me.
Until water lifts and floats, around me,
spinning into a ribbon,
of shining silver,
until blazing fire,
circles my feet,
the heat encourages my rhythm
to move faster.
Powerful air encircles me.
My hair is unaffected,
by the storm.
It moves with my own dance,
not the elements,
my dance grows faster,
until I am a cyclone of elements.
Elation fills me,
I step onto a cloud,
still dancing,
but then I am pulled down.
By a black hand,
covered in the ashes,
from the fires of hell,
I thrash,
my rhythm is broken,
all resistance is gone,
and I am sucked down,
into a dark abyss.
The devil holds me and,
we stop falling.
I want you, pretty girl.
He strokes my face,
with clawed hands.
He sneers at me,
gnarled teeth and putrid breath.
I spit in his face,
and hope for death.
But he does not kill me,
instead he laughs and drops me.
Falling farther,
into the pit of nothing....
I am nothing.
I begin to evanescence.
Wait! I am something.
I am a Dancer.
So I dance.
Still falling,
with no music.
At first I still fell,
Then I begin to reform.
A little ledge of rock,
strikes out to catch me.
Giving me a stage.
Flickering fire,
Snakes around my feet.
My rhythm is regained.
I spin wildly,
Full of kinetic energy,
Water and air are conjured,
I begin to glow softly,
then brightly
Illuminating the underworld
i hear a cry of pain.
'Leave me, Light Dancer.
you shall never come again
you burn my eyes with your light,
Dizzy Girl.
Be gone! He howled and once again,
I was above ground,
Dancing light and purity into the very earth.
- From the eyes of Twirlina

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