The Walk

September 22, 2012
By AnotherPerson GOLD, Mississauga, Other
AnotherPerson GOLD, Mississauga, Other
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I wish that my entire life was just one long walk;

That on the day I was born the doctor would have said,

“Let’s go for a stroll.”

And we would have walked together,

Side by Side,

In peaceful silence,

Until it was time for him to go home,

To his kids, and his wife, and the 12o clock local news.

Then maybe I’d be joined by

Someone Else.

And after he left,

Another Person,


I’d never run out of things to talk about,

Because there would be an entire world constantly twisting and turning and breaking on either side of my one-way path.

Oh, what a joy it would be to just pass along,

To let the elements roll of my back,

And just watch and listen,

My legs getting sweetly sore as i go,

Until I finally fall into a shallow pit,

And begin my eternal nap.

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