The Invisible Girl

September 21, 2012
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She looks to the sky
So innocent, so visible
but still not seen

She feels each tree
so young, so simple
but not understood

She does her best
she wants to be seen
but she's as transparent as glass

She feels like she's drowning
waves are crashing over her head
she's overwhelmed

But she can't explain this
no one will understand
so she says nothing

She has family all around
With masks of smiles and kindness
but she feels deeply alone

She's been to this place for years
She knows this place
but she feels lost in this place

No one understands
No one wants to understand
Why? Because no one wants to listen

No one listens
No one wants to listen
Why? Because no one wants to care

But no they want to care
they really do
but they can't

But no they want to listen
they really do
but they can't

But no they want to understand
they really do
but they can't

They can't care
They can't listen
They can't understand

The can only live in their bubbles
In their own little universe that's already been made
and they can't add this little invisible girl

The girl that needs to be understood
cared for
and listened to

So she makes up her mind
When the next wave crashes over her
She doesn't fight it she lets go

She lets go of life

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