The Tide

September 21, 2012
The tide is coming, it rises quick. It won't wait for the young; it won't wait for the sick.
It's a tide of pain, it's a tide of fear. Taking from us, what we hold near.
Can you feel it coming? Can you feel it rise? Spreading chaos as it catches your eyes.
The ones who were strong, now they do crawl. Dreams come down fast; quickly they fall.
You know it was never, supposed to end this way. But you must whisper goodbye, and hope for another day.
Now the clouds start to come, looming they sweep. Raindrops do come, like tears do they weep.
The waves how the roar. Do you hear what they're saying? My song is at an end. My melody is fading.
I try to hold on, with all of my might. But I can't keep fighting the...
Light shines down, oh where is it from? Brightly it pierces, like an angel it comes.
When all dreams were crushed and all hope was gone. Quickly it rose back back riding the dawn.
Comfort peace and hope the light does bring. Like a royal king's trumpet forever does it sing.
What do I hear? What does it say? My dreams are here. And forever they'll stay.

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