Two Days Gone

September 21, 2012
By katertott PLATINUM, Littleton, Colorado
katertott PLATINUM, Littleton, Colorado
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Two days gone I cant ever get back.
Two days gone that I look back with regret.
I wish i could reach out and grab them.
Hold them close and never let them go.
Two days i would give my soul to have them back.
Two days i just threw away.
Two days wasted.
Two days gone.
They'll just fade with all those days that i chose to misuse.
Two days taken for granted.
48 hours.
2,880 minutes.
172,800 seconds.
Two days.


The author's comments:
this about an opportunity i missed to spend with my friend that was diagnosed with cancer. i was invited to spend the weekend with her. i chose not too. she died on one of those two days.

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