Strobe Light Miracle

September 21, 2012
By ChocolateBoss GOLD, Fort Dodge, Iowa
ChocolateBoss GOLD, Fort Dodge, Iowa
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Everything around me is like a strobe light, showing me a million different images back to back. It's submerging me underneath the things that I can not fathom. Everything seems like it is trying to suffocate me, draining all the oxygen in my proximity. But I'm not dying, I'm as alive as I've always been. I pray because it's the only thing I can look to for now with all my faith. Then again when I pray nothing seems to happen and it is suppressing me, and making me retreat in to the darkest corners of my life. I feel like I'm walking blindly through life with no place in mind or intentions. The strobe light showing black and white as if that's the only perspective I'm allowed to see. The strobe light shows me images, but I also can hear the whispers behind my back, none of them positive. I'm just here viewing the images, and living for now.

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